Bonser receives Superintendent Award

Spotlight On: Junior Kylie Bonser

Chesterfield County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Mervin B. Daugherty presented Midlo junior Kylie Bonser with the Superintendent’s Award on Tuesday, October 19, 2021. This award is presented to only the brightest and most well-rounded students within the District. Nominees are selected by their teachers and/or peers anonymously for the prestigious award, and then the candidates are narrowed down to ten finalists from whom Dr. Daugherty chooses the final recipient.

Bonser has competed on the Varsity Girls Cross Country and Varsity Girls Track and Field teams since her freshman year, and took the track team to states last year. Along with a successful athletic career, she has maintained stellar academic grades throughout her time at Midlo, making her the clear choice for the award. “Kylie epitomizes what it means to be a well-rounded student. She works hard both in and outside the classroom. Kylie is both incredibly kind to her peers and teachers, making Midlo a better place for everyone,” remarked Principal Shawn Abel.

“Kylie is such a deserving student. She is always a positive addition to class and a strong role model for peers,” English teacher Ms. Elizabeth Boese said.


What does getting this award mean to you?
It means a lot because I always try to be a good friend and student. I strive really hard and have a lot of goals for myself. It is nice for it to be appreciated.

Junior Kylie Bonser after competing in a Track Meet (Photo by: Kylie Bonser)

Who inspires you the most throughout your day and why?
I think that my mom inspires me the most because she works really hard and does everything she can to help my sister and me.

What is your favorite experience while running for Midlo?
I would say the team winning outdoor track states 2021. I had a pretty rough season until that point, and seeing the team compete well made it all worth it.

What’s something no one would guess about you?
I am obsessed with Justin Bieber and I know every word to every song.

Congratulations, Kylie!