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Clue Overview

Photo by: Meghan Davis
Actors Addie Hall, Brayden Jordan, Jackson Ward and student director Kat Smith preparing for the show.

Clue, the murder mystery game, came to life on the stage as new theater teachers Irene Kuykendal and Libby Jenkins  made their Midlo Partisan debut

“We inherited this selection (Clue) , but we were both so happy with it that we hung onto it,” Kuykendal. 

As the curtains are drawn, Lito Ortiz, Mira Farhat, and Jackson Ward take the stage. Ward plays Mr.Bobby/Newscaster and presents background information for the audience. Ortiz first takes the stage as the Chief, and at the end the Chief of Police, and Farhat plays Yvette, the maid. The pair stays in character as Ward presents his information. 

As the next scene arises, Gunnar McKee, who plays Wadsworth, takes the stage with confidence as he introduces the main characters. Every student represents their each of their character’s very distinct personalities.

As the play draws on, Addie Hall, who play Colonel Mustard, displays that her character is humorous. Mustard is used to draw out a laugh from the audience at every opportunity. Mr. Green, who is played by Jazz Bruner, is a very odd character and tends to be frightened most of the show. Burner has been in many productions at Midlo. They enter the stage with assertiveness. Anyone in the audience would tell they were dedicated to their role and Mr. Green. Mrs. Peacock, who is played by Riley Krohn, is the wife of a well known congressman, and likes to make that clear. She also claims that “her lips are for the lord,” as she refuses a drink. Then, throughout the play, the audience can see her in the background taking sips from her flask. Later, she also reveals a small vial that is filled with liquor. This prop is an ongoing theme throughout the ninety minutes. Ren Warchol’s character, Mrs. White, is a woman who has had many husbands and creates the rest of the characters to be suspicious of their deaths or disappearances. Her character is very loud and likes to scream through them play. She embodies her performance with representation of fear of death and anger. 

In the end, every character blames another of murder. This creates a sense of confusion. The audience is left in shock as all is revealed. 

“I liked the ending a lot,” William Jackson, 11, said. “It was a fun callback to the movie.”

The movie had multiple endings depending on what theater someone watched it in. One could watch the movie multiple times to see a different ending. The different endings consisted of the change of a murderer, murder weapon, and where the murder took place.

In all, the students performed to their characters quirks and continued with ongoing jokes. With all this in mind, the students performed very well and are sad to see it end. They are looking to continue their path in theater as the year moves forward. 

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