IB Class of 2017 Students Return to Receive Diplomas

IB Diploma and Certificate Ceremony

Photo by: Nabiha Rais
The IB Class of 2017 stand with their IB Diplomas & Certificates in hand.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program expects dedication, commitment, and arduous effort from all of its students. Based on how well each quality is executed, students in the program are rewarded for their efforts by receiving the IB Diploma & Certificates. This provides honor and distinction to IB students for their endeavors in the program.

On Wednesday, January 3, 2018, students from Midlo’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Class of 2017 returned to receive their IB diplomas and certificates. In order to acknowledge their hard work and the remarkable accomplishment of completing the IB program, Midlothian High School hosted the IB Diploma Ceremony. Midlothian Principal Mr. Shawn Abel, IB Coordinator Mr. Mark Spewak, and Midlothian Associate Principal Mrs. Elizabeth Baber addressed IB students, families, and teachers at the annual event. Delivering the keynote address, Midlo’s 2017 IB Teacher of the Year Mr. Badr Sharobim provided words of encouragement and regard. A closing reception followed the ceremony to celebrate this accomplishment.

International Baccalaureate Class of 2017 Diploma & Certificate Recipients:

Isabel Adkins

Evan Arents

Vivien Berft

Sarah Bolstad

Mac Cartier

Madison Chazo

Anneke Craig

Sydney Dahl

Isobel Harrison

Nasita Islam

Mariha Junaid

Nikesh Kamani

Grace Kim

Hu’Niqkua Mcallister

Charles Miller

Nupur Pandya

Mukti Patel

Adrienne Preston

Ryan Shurie

Kyelin Thrift

Billie VanStory

 Karl Villareal

Katherine Wroblewski


Congratulations to the Midlothian High School Class of 2017 IB graduates!