Students beautify the grounds, preparing for a return-to-learn

2021 School Beautification Day

Photo by: PTSO
Over 20 volunteers came for school beautification just before Midlothian High School’s grand reopening.

On Sunday, March 7, students flocked to Midlothian High School, just days before the school’s grand reopening, for a much-needed beautification day.  The school cleanup was organized by the PTSO, with contributions from the Sophomore Class Council.  The cleanup, which is usually held annually, was still able to take place, but with slight adjustments for social distancing.  Students gathered around the front office, gloves in hand, and eagerly began their work. They started by planting newly-blossomed flowers and removing visible trash.  Inside of the school, other students spent their time in the art hallway working on a new mural.  The new mural is designed for each art teacher to recognize their “Art Stars.”

“I thought it was super fun,” sophomore Kate Grilliot said. “The weather was really nice and me and my friend Sophie Stroud just walked around listening to music and picking up trash.” Most students used the day of service to spend quality time with friends and socialize with classmates, including Sophie Stroud, who said, “[The cleanup] was fairly easy, since I was with Kate it was fun, the weather was really nice so it was overall a good experience.”

Sophomore Delaney Geckle-Clark also attended the beautification day. “I had a pretty good experience. It was nice to see the school and some friends that I haven’t seen in a while,” Geckle-Clark said. In addition to the sunny weather and socializing, students were also able to learn new skills.  “It was also fun to try gardening since it’s not something I normally do. The process went pretty smoothly and we even finished up very early,” Geckle-Clark said.

Many students found that the overall experience was an exciting way to meet new people and a great opportunity to gain volunteer hours. “My experience with the beautification day was great! I had a fun time with my friends and was happy to help clean up the school with the upcoming arrival of in-person students!” sophomore Kelsey Mierenfeld said.  Junior Michaela Candela also found the event uplifting.  “There wasn’t much to clean up because the Midlothian community keeps it clean, but the overall process was a great way to get to know students and clean up the school,” Candela said.  Midlothian High School is now decked-out and ready for students with fresh flowers, clean sidewalks and a new mural.