Lane’s fundraising efforts pay off

Denim Drive and Midlo PTSO


Photo by: Lauren Cassano

Freshman Brennan Lane collects $500 toward the Denim Drive.

On Wednesday 9, 2019, freshman Brennan Lane officially delivered a $500 check at the Midlo PTSO meeting, made possible by his tremendous efforts to support the annual Denim Drive. With only a few weeks of experience as Class of 2023 President, Lane managed to start his career with a much-appreciated impact on the Midlo community.

To kick off each school year, Midlo participates in the Chesterfield County Denim Drive, which collects denim to donate to Goodwill, a familiar nonprofit-based company that focuses on providing job opportunities and products to the less fortunate.

As the campaign neared an end, Lane felt inspired to contribute by boosting the donation amounts in a short span of two weeks. With his mind set on completing the task at hand, he rallied supporters in an effort to carry on the legacy once started by his sisters in previous years, who constantly made it their mission to ensure Midlo always stood a chance in winning competitions.

Lane reflected on the idea that “collecting jeans is in his genes” due to his family’s history in the Denim Drive. Overall, Midlothian secured one of the top three spots, alongside Clover Hill, who came in first, and Cosby High School, the second place recipient.