Long receives CCPS Citizenship Award

Spotlight on: Connor Long


Photo by: Dr. Shawn Abel

Connor Long receives the CCPS Citizenship Award.

On February 6, 2020,  Midlo sophomore Connor Long received the CCPS Game Changers Citizenship Award. Given by Dr. Daugherty and Kathryn Haines, this prestigious title is only awarded to the best students of Chesterfield County. Daugherty and Haines recognized Long because he does so much to support Midlothian High School and the Midlothian community.

CCPS only presents the Game Changers Citizenship Award to those who show superior skills both inside and outside of the classroom and meet the many eligibility requirements.

In what ways have you positively contributed to Midlothian High School?

 I have carried out duties within the Young Patriots Club during my freshman and sophomore years that have increased the knowledge of the student body on military affairs and events.

Who inspires you the most?

I have a friend named Jesse, who has really pushed me to be my best at all times and focus on the people around me.

What is your greatest accomplishment while attending Midlo?

I enjoyed participating in the 2018-2019 Military Appreciation Day Ceremony.

How do you think this award will affect your future opportunities?

This award will help increase the power of my resumé and help me with my long-term goal of getting appointed to the Air Force Academy; being selected out of the entire Chesterfield County is a distinct honor.

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