Rowe Receives Appointment to Prestigious U. S. Air Force Academy

Michael Rowe Will Attend United States Air Force Academy


Photo by: Sophie King

Michael Rowe will attend the Air Force Academy after graduation.

With an astounding acceptance rate of only 12.3 percent, aspirations to attend the United States Air Force Academy require a serious work ethic and extreme dedication. Midlo senior Michael Rowe embarked on that challenge and recently successfully secured an appointment to the prestigious institution, located in Colorado.  “I wanted to do something and try to change the world,” shared Rowe. The Air Force Academy is a four year college in conjunction with military cadet training and education. The highly selective Air Force Academy is free to attend, with the promise of serving the military for four years. For Rowe, he will receive commission to become a second Lieutenant in the Air Force upon graduation.

Join the Air Force Academy is no simple feat. The extensive application process includes and strenuous cadet basic training upon acceptance. Applying to the Air Force Academy required Rowe to participate in Candidate Fitness Assessments (CFA), which includes: the basketball throw, pull ups, shuttle run, crunches, push ups, and a one mile run, all within the time or score restraints. That was the easy part; the seemingly endless process to apply also required two recommendations from core teachers and four evaluations. Additionally, each applicant must secure a nomination from an alumni or a senator, which requires a separate application process. Rowe received nominations from Senator Tim Kaine and Dave Brat.

Rowe has worked hard throughout his high school career and outside of it. With an impressive 4.52 GPA, Rowe is a  member of the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and the Science National Honor Society. However, Rowe’s excellence exceeds the classroom setting. Not only did Rowe play a significant role in the theater department’s, The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-Time, he earned the West Point Leadership Award his junior year, which recognizes “exceptional performance in academics, athletics, community service, leadership, and moral character”.

During the summer of 2018, Rowe attended Boys State and was elected Boys State Senator.  Rowe also achieved the highest rank of the Boy Scouts of America, the Eagle Scout, actively participating in the Scouts program since the first grade. Being awarded the highest honor in October of 2018 was truly a “rewarding” experience. Through his many achievements, Rowe feels his greatest accomplishment was being Crew Leader on Philmont Trek at the Philmont Scout Ranch with Boy Scouts. “The hike itself is severe; to be granted this position meant a lot,” explained Rowe.

His inspiration to join the Air Force Academy was his own decision, not influenced by family. In fact, the only relative to join the military in his family was his grandfather. This decision stemmed from his desire to take action, as his background suggests. “I wanted to join the Air Force because I don’t want to just sit in an office,” explained Rowe. This drive started from a young age, beginning with his fascination with WW II dogfights and modern fighter jets. It grew from there, and the Air Force Academy was the best route for him. “These are the most direct steps to enlist in the Air Force [itself],” said Rowe. The academy will provide him with the best access to complete his major in aeronautical engineering. This combined will aide in the accomplishment of his ultimate aspiration to become a pilot of the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor in the United States Air Force.