Midlo Art Students Earn Coveted Scholastic Key

Scholastics Key Competition, 2019

Photo by: Carrie Rowley
Carrie Rowley’s piece “Anonymity” won a Gold Key and is currently being judged in New York.

Congratulations to our Visual Arts students, as the annual Scholastics Art & Writing Awards has announced the winners of Gold and Silver Keys to students who submitted their work to Scholastics. Scholastics Art and Writing Awards is the longest-running and most prestigious recognition program for creative young artists around the nation. This year, nearly 350,000 pieces of visual art and writing from around the nation were submitted to the Scholastics Competition.

Between Gold and Silver Keys and Honorable Mentions, the creative students of Midlo received a grand total of 64 Regional Art and Writing awards. Among those awards, 20 were of the highest honor, a Gold Key, while 18 Silver Keys were also bestowed.  Student pieces awarded by a Gold Key are currently being judged in New York to be considered for national recognition. From there, students are eligible to win Gold or Silver medals, demonstrating high honors on the national level, as well as the most outstanding works in the nation.

Congratulations to all who submitted award winning work! This is an incredible honor.

Gold Key 

Kolton Almany (3)

Anna Blair (2)

Conan Darrah

Elizabeth Davis

Isabel Dingus

Mackenzie Dwyer

Grace Graviet

Paul Miller (3)

Nabiha Rais

Carrie Rowley

Hannah Tucker

Tess Wlader (6)


Silver Key 

Abi Allums 

Kolton Almany (3)

Anna Blair

Conan Darrah

Maggie DeBruycker

Isabel Dingus

Nina Franklin

Callie Krumwiede

Joey Maguire

Mallory Medlin

Lauren Mission

Caroline Seely

Helen Trout

Madelyn Venable

Katherine Woodington

Amanda Riddle


Honorable Mentions

Abi Allums

Kolton Almany (3)

Lauren Batson-Roberts

Anna Blair (2)

Carter Burnette

Daisy Carpenter

Jordan Carrara

Conan Darrah

Amenah Holt 

Ally Johnson

Paul Miller 

Lauren Mission

Claire Mosher

Alex Neofotistos (2)

Rebecca Olds

Carrie Rowley

Annabel Schepker

Caroline Seely

Nicole Suddreth

Devyn Vernier

Jubilee Whitmer 

Tess Wladar 

Ty Wright