Mrs. Murfee Receives January TRT Award

Mr. Cheatham Passes the Teachers Recognizing Teachers Award to Mrs. Murfee


Photo by: Katherine Krievs

Mrs. Murfee celebrates her Teachers Recognizing Teachers award.

In early January, English teacher Mr. Daniel Cheatham passed the Teachers Recognizing Teachers Award to Midlo’s beloved new librarian, Mrs. Heather Murfee.

Mr. Cheatham explains, “She has done a tremendous job transforming the library” and “works with all of my English classes on a regular basis, providing fun, interactive lessons that go beyond merely checking out books.”. Additionally, Principal Shawn Abel describes Mrs. Murfee’s award as “well deserved,” because she has “brought a new level of energy and enthusiasm to the library’s atmosphere.”.

Regarding this achievement, Mrs. Murfee shares, “It is the highest compliment to be recognized by a peer teacher, for they are on the same education journey,” as well as describing this accolade as “extremely validating.” In a mere four months, Mrs. Murfee has received a tremendous amount of admiration from students, teachers, and administrators alike for her tireless work in the Midlothian High School library.

Congratulations, Mrs. Murfee!