Library releases new polices for in-person learning

Library Policies 2021


Photo by: Christian Davies

The library continues to allow students to utilize their resources while staying safe.

As students made their way back to school on March 9, 2021, the library at Midlothian High School introduced new in-person procedures. Before the return-to-learn was put into effect, the library instated a drive-by system for students to collect books from the school’s bus loop. Since the students’ arrival at school, the library is now open for students to check out books as well on Midlo Morning on Fridays. 

An email was sent out to students and parents on March 9, alerting the public of the new regulations from the library via video. In order for a student to check out books in the library, it is necessary to complete a form beforehand which can be accessed through Through this link, students are not only able to request to check out books, but they are also able to request a Midlo Morning pass, as well as print documents and photos.

Students can access all of the library’s resources digitally through their Canvas class, which all students have been added to earlier in the school year. The library continues to offer curbside book pick-up through for students who have chosen to remain virtual for the remainder of the school year. While the world is turned upside down, Midlo continues to make sure that their students still have the ability to expand their horizons through reading. 

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