Library on Demand comes to Midlo

Information on the Midlo Library’s new Check In & Out Procedures


Photo by: Mrs. Heather Murfee

Midlo students have the ability to continue checking out books during virtual and hybrid learning.

The Midlothian High School Library offers students the opportunity to access the library by way of their new program, Library on Demand. Under the direction of Midlo librarians, Mrs. Heather Murfee and Mrs. Emilia Evans, all students can take advantage of the program during both virtual and hybrid learning by placing orders through a provided google form, which includes a detailed library catalog, where all those who wish to obtain a book can select to either have it delivered to their English classroom or make an appointment to pick it up in a curb-side fashion. At this time, no late fees or charges will take place. To return a book, students can put them in the bin outside of the entrance to the library or drop them off in the school’s main office. Please contact the library with any questions.