Artist of the Month

Cara Boim

Dominique Spencer

Artists garner much from their work. Sculpture artists gain new ways to see the world by creating designs from what they enjoy, and painters gain a better understanding of their idea of beauty and wonder through painting. While talking to senior Cara Boim, the Midlo Scoop learned about an artist’s life from her perspective.

Cara Boim has always focused on art. She practiced art in elementary school; as of yet, she has taken three art classes at Midlo High: Art 1, Art 2 Honors, and 3D Design. She feels that she has utilized art as a stress reliever because on strenuous days, like test days, she can calm herself by creating art. Also, taking art has allowed her to improve her grades and test-taking skills.

    During her years creating, she has found inspiration from nature and animals, but especially from music, saying, “I like a lot of pop, punk, alternative, and rock.” Likewise, she appreciates how art affords her with space to explore her creativity “in ways [she] doesn’t get to do in other classes and aspects of [her] life.”

    This year, Cara took a new approach to her art with the help of her 3-D Design teacher Mrs. Jennifer Myer. Mrs. Myer tasked her students with analyzing the process in making their creations. Cara began her process project by cutting paper into a curvy design, and then she placed  glitter tape in stripes across her paper. Afterwards, she dipped her brush into paint and splattered her work. Overall, the process took her forty-five minutes to create, and she enjoyed how “they [the colors] contrasted with the black tape.”

Through her art classes, Cara has gained more skills, including sculpting with various materials, like wire, and enhanced other skills, like painting. She would like to create art in the future. “I’ll probably keep a sketchbook in college, just to have something to draw in,” she noted.