Exuding Creativity

Students and Faculty Embrace Creative Dress Day to Celebrate Youth Art Month

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In honor of Youth Art Month, on March 15, 2017,  Midlothian High School  faculty and students participated in a Creative Dress Day, sponsored by NAHS. The fun-filled Creative Dress Day was chock-full of experimental outfits that reflected Midlo’s true creativity. The outfits ranged from abstract paintings on dresses to the classic Polaroid logo that have both become staples in today’s contemporary art scene.

Many participants convened in the Closed Commons for an ice cream social after school to enjoy a sweet, cold treat and kick back and talk about the most universal medium of expression: art. In the end, the successful, exciting day helped create a nice meeting for some of the artfully inclined students of Midlothian High School and brought attention for a worthy cause: Celebration of the Arts.