The Keys to Success

National Scholastic Art Awards

Photo by: Marie O'Kleasky
Scholastics winners show off their key awards.

Several Midlo Art students received National Scholastic keys on Saturday, March 25. Many earned silver and gold keys on the regional level, but some exceptional artists achieved keys on the National level.

Liza Wimbish (11) – Photography, National Gold

Michael South (12) – Computer Graphics, National Gold

Ashlyn Ferguson (11) – Photography, National Silver

Bailey Honrado (10) – Photography, National Silver

Michael South and Liza Wimbish have been invited to attend the national ceremony, held at the famed Carnegie Hall. Both Liza and Michael’s work will hang in the show of national award winners at the New School at Parson’s before traveling the country for a year, while Ashlyn and Bailey’s work is up for consideration. Mrs. O’Kleasky says, “I have been to this weekend event, and it is truly an unbelievable collection of the upcoming talent of our country’s creative artists. It overwhelmingly validates the level of creativity these students have as they become a part of an elite group of famous artists, writers, filmmakers, and actors, who at their age received this award.”