Dahmer: A gorey take on the infamous cannibal

“Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” ranks number one on Netflix’s most watched.


Photo by: Today.com

“Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” has ranked number one on Netflix’s most watched.

Since it’s release to Netflix, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, has spiked in popularity, and has reigned the number one most popular show currently on Netflix.  The ten episode mini-series showcases the detailed and gruesome life of Jeffrey Dahmer, the infamous cannibal from the 90’s. It shows his usual day-to-day life living in Ohio and how he strategically trapped his victims within his Akron apartment.

Many of the show’s viewers argue that the content may be too vulgar for screens.

“It was interesting and unsettling,” Ellie Shrader, 9, said. “I think that it’s popular just because it’s not something happens often and it’s scary.”

The infamous blonde Dahmer appearance with blocky glasses has audiences captivated, yet disturbed at its accuracy. 

“It was creepy,” Austin Tolanmast, 11, said. “It’s about a serial killer who eats people.  There was a lot of good acting throughout the show.”

Many students who have watched the series admit they have only seen the first few episodes before stopping.

“It’s so creepy,” Sarah Ix, 11, said. “You watch the first episode and there’s a head in the fridge, and you want to look away.”

Even Danny Marmo, 11, was too scared to even get through the trailer.

“I was watching the preview and stopped because it was scary,” Marmo said.

“It was quite disturbing actually,” Kate Carneal, 11, said. 

The thought-provoking series has captivated Netflix users since its release, ranking it in the number one spot for over three weeks. In the end, most students who binged the series found it to be a riveting take on the infamous cannibal from the 90’s and would rate it an overall disturbing series.

“It’s just about a guy murdering people for fun,” Reilley Moore, 11, said.  “I thought it was scary and disgusting.”