The Book of Boba Fett trailer teases new chapter in Tatooine’s history

Book of Boba Fett: New Disney TV Show


Photo by: Wikimedia Commons

The Book of Boba Fett will be available for viewing on December 29, 2021.

Since his first appearance in 1978, Boba Fett has become one of the most popular Star Wars characters due to his imposing attitude, formidable presence and magnificent armor. In Return of the Jedi (1983), he was presumed dead after falling into the infamous Sarlacc pit. However, in Season 2 of The Mandalorian (2019), he returned for a brief cameo that confirmed he was still alive. The return of such an iconic character stirred up excitement among fans who craved more of the bounty hunter.

The Book of Boba Fett, wherein he makes a dramatic return as the starring character, is therefore regarded as one of the most anticipated shows of the year and is planned to debut in December 2021. Disney has just released the first trailer for this long-awaited continuation of the bounty hunter’s story.

The trailer takes place on Tatooine, a desert planet located in the Outer Rim territories of the galaxy where Fett, played by Temuera Morrison, is attempting to assume Jabba the Hutt’s role as the ruler of the planet’s crime underworld. Fett rules alongside his partner Fennec Shand who is played by Ming-Na Wen. Together, they seek to derive their power from the respect of the people as opposed to the fear that Jabba’s reign was fueled by. However, keeping rival gangs at bay while also attempting to separate himself from his past as a bounty hunter has proven to be incredibly difficult for Fett.

Featuring spider-like B’omarr Monks, a cryptic Ithorian Lord, merciless Gamorrean bodyguards, Trandoshan, Klatoonian, Aqualish crime bosses and Twi’Leks that are as mysterious as they are beautiful, the diverse alien life shown in the trailer outlines a fascinating setting for the upcoming show.

Back on Earth, someone who has dedicated a major part of his life to impersonating Boba Fett has a lot on his mind about the recent trailer and is eager to share his insight. 

Miggs in costume – Photo from @miggs_fett on Instagram

In the Southern California Garrison of the 501st Legion, a weathered green helmet stands out in the waves of white and black armored suits. Underneath the rugged green and grey suit is a man known best as Miggs who volunteers as Boba Fett with the 501st. The 501st Legion, also known as Vader’s Fist, is Lucasfilm’s preferred imperial costuming organization and has had many members featured in official Star Wars media, such as the hit show The Mandalorian. In this non-profit, the volunteer group is dedicated to bringing Star Wars characters to life for charity and goodwill purposes. Garrisons of the 501st raise money for many valuable causes, such as the 501st Legion Make-A-Wish Endowment Fund, and volunteers, such as Miggs, are often invited to pediatric wards where they focus on bringing whimsical positivity to children’s lives.

“I define my role as a performer and a valued member of a community, out to put smiles on people’s faces. Especially the kids, they really like seeing the characters and interacting with us,” Miggs said about his role in the 501st.

Seeing the former bounty hunter returning center-stage to his own show is a source of relief for Miggs.

“Fett has been so popular for so long and [for him] to finally have his own show, I can let go all the frustrations of the past and just be happy he has a series he can call his own,” Miggs said.

Miggs deeply values Fett as a character, claiming his importance lies in Fett’s neutrality. “Since SW is generally about good vs bad, Boba represents neither, he is a neutral party in the SW Universe . . . I like that he takes no sides, after all, he’s just a simple man making his way in the universe!”

There are also particular elements of the show that he is excited about as well. “[My] favorite part of the trailer is the actor putting on the helmet, rarely do we see that [I] thought that was very cool. The thing I’m looking forward to most is [finding out] exactly how Fett survived the Sarlacc. I really hope they show a flashback to that event.”

Of course, what would a show be without a strong cast? Although only a few of the actors featured in the film have had their roles confirmed, Miggs found himself satisfied with the confirmed casting decisions.

Bringing back [Temuera] Morrison to portray the alpha clone was obvious, and casting Ming Na Wen as Fennec is great, they are both perfect for their part!” Miggs said.

Miggs, however, does not believe the trailer is without its flaws. He noted that Fett removed his helmet too much and that he held concerns about the changes they have made to Fett’s character.

“I think the show will actually change him and he will be more aligned with the good guys,” Miggs said. “The big deal about Boba Fett now is that the mystery is gone, no longer is he this quiet, mysterious bounty hunter, a man with a few words . . . now he has a full backstory and he’s actually quite vocal, in a way the Boba Fett of today is not really the Boba Fett of yesterday, he’s a completely new character so to speak.”

Despite the concerns he holds about the show, Miggs reinforced the idea that he is still greatly looking forward to the debut in December, which certainly makes him one of many.