Brown leads Midlo Counseling in local races

Spotlight on: Mrs. Angie Brown

Mrs. Angie Brown, Ms. Lynn Shelton, Ms. Natalie Harrison, and Ms. Loretta Speller walk the On Wednesdays We Run in Pink 5K at the Midlothian Mines Park.

As COVID-19 cancels “fun run” races nationwide, Mrs. Angie Brown, Midlo Counseling Office Secretary, continues to find opportunities to participate in virtual and in-person races around the Richmond area. During the pandemic, Brown has completed three races, the Give a Dog a Job 5K, On Wednesday We Run in Pink 5K, and The Great Pumpkin Run 5K. For the Give a Dog a Job 5K, which took place in-person at Stony Point Fashion Mall, Brown walked with Mrs. Theresa Kniphuisen, Midlo’s Counseling Technician. The Great Pumpkin Run 5K, an in-person event, occurred at Guardian Christian Academy Sports Complex, and Brown walked with Mrs. Lynn Shelton, Midlo’s Fiscal Technician. To accommodate for the CDC’s social distancing guidelines, the On Wednesday We Run in Pink 5K transitioned to a virtual race, so Brown, accompanied by Shelton, Ms. Natalie Harrison, and Ms. Loretta Speller, members of the Midlo Counseling Department, walked at the Midlothian Mines Park.

When did you begin walking for activity? 

I really started over the summer when I was trying to stay connected with friends during quarantine. I began walking 2-3 times a week with friends and then the other days in my neighborhood or on the treadmill. I try to average between 2-3 miles walking a day.

How did you get involved in the running community?

My husband started a run club at our church last year, and recently, I have begun to tag along and walk. I started walking with friends during quarantine, and my goal was to walk 2-3 miles per day. 

Who participates in the fun runs with you?

Walking is so much better with a friend! I have several friends I walk with in the afternoons. The 5Ks have been with friends from Counseling and the Main Office – Theresa Kniphuisen, Lynn Shelton, Natalie Harrison, and Loretta Speller.

How has your outlook on running changed with the cancellation of events from COVID-19?

I am so glad that I began this process for myself. Self care is very important, even more so with Covid. I feel better, and I know that I am able to handle stress better when I can walk; it’s a great time to think about my day and what I have coming up.

What has been your favorite race and why?

They are all my favorite! The Give a Dog a Job 5K was so much fun because we had cute fluffy dogs encouraging us during the walk and waiting to congratulate us when we finished.

What future events do you have planned?

My goal is to continue to walk 2-3 miles per day and register for at least one 5k a month. 

Do you have a running or walking inspiration? If so, why?

Walking for me is an inspiration. It helps to calm and center me. It allows me to decompress and be the best mom and wife when I am home. It gives me an outlet and time to think. It’s self care for me and my soul.