The Charli makes its debut at Dunkin

Madeline Maloney and Erin Maloney share “The Charli” after a long day of virtual school.

The popular app TikTok captures the minds of teens worldwide, giving users the ability to create content in the form of short videos. Charli D’amelio, a teen from Connecticut, recently became one of the fastest growing users on this platform, gaining millions of followers weekly. She currently holds the title for the most TikTok followers with 89.9 million fans and uses her platform to share dancing videos, vlogs, and spread positivity. 

Dunkin Donuts, a popular chain known for donuts and coffee, collaborated with D’amelio for their newest drink, The Charli. D’amelio shared her love of Dunkin with the world long before her drink made its debut, often posting with her Dunkin coffee two or three times a day. The Charli consists of cold brew, three pumps of caramel swirl, and a splash of whole milk. Immediately following its launch in September, the drink went viral on TikTok, as teens flocked to Dunkin to try the new creation, named after the famous creator. Coffee-lover Nicole Dudley shares, “I had been trying to find a go-to drink at Dunkin for a while, and when The Charli came out, I noticed it was similar to drinks I had been trying. I got it, and it’s now my new favorite.” Dudley goes to Dunkin at least twice a week, often ordering The Charli. 

Bailey Miller states, “The Charli was surprisingly really good. I had heard mixed things about it. I didn’t expect to like it, but I absolutely loved it. I’ve gone back to get it again several times.” Some critics of the drink claim that it is too sweet. Millie Weinhold states, “I thought it would be a lot better since there was so much hype around it, but unfortunately, when I tried it, I didn’t like it.” However, Kinsey Sullivan loves the sweetness of the coffee because “it helps to wake [her] up in the mornings.”

Freshman Erin Maloney loves creating and watching Tiktoks in her free time; she also follows D’amelio on all social media platforms. Maloney remarks, “It was really cool to see an influencer at such a young age get such a big opportunity.” D’amelio continues to collaborate with other brands, such as: Hollister and Sabra Hummus. Recently, she launched a new dance on TikTok created by Jennifer Lopez. As the young internet sensation continues to take the world by storm, millions look forward to what D’amelio has in store for the future.