Zaxby’s joins the Midlothian community

Restaurant Review: Zaxby’s


Photo by: @shelnew19 (Flickr)

Zaxby’s provides a warm environment for patrons to enjoy comfort food.

The latest addition to Midlothian, Zaxby’s, opened its doors on January 20, 2020, at 10:30 a.m. at their new location between Walmart and Sam’s Club. The southern-style chain restaurant, which originated in Georgia, has quickly become popular with the Midlo community. The Zaxby’s menu offers many different chicken-style dishes, including salads (dubbed “zalads” by Zaxby’s), sandwiches, wings, and more. 

On January 20, 2020, customers anxiously waited for the doors of the new chain restaurant to open, for the first person to enter the doors earned free Zaxby’s food once per week for all of 2020.  Midlo’s own Ryan Monahan and Trey Gholson won this prize, remarking that they are “excited for the endless free food.”

Upon walking through the doors, the presence of rustic wood, wildflower vases, and warm hues creates a traditional southern atmosphere. After taking in the southern vibe, customers order their food from a walk-up counter and then patiently wait for a waiter to bring their food to the customer’s table of choice. The Zaxby’s menu offers a variety of unique food options at different price points. Most meals, ranging from seven to ten dollars, include a sandwich, crinkle fries, and a Coca-Cola freestyle drink; all of Zaxby’s trademark “Zalads” are $7.49. With its warm, rustic feel, Zaxby’s promises to provide Midlothian with southern-inspired comfort food.