Scholarships available for seniors planning to attend college in the fall

Class of 2020 Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships are still available for seniors planning to attend college.

Scholarships are still available for seniors planning to attend college.

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As the Class of 2020 begins to set future plans in stone, many scholarship opportunities present themselves for the senior class.  Midlothian High School and the community around provide students a variety of options when offering financial aid to families. Under the Resources and College and Career Center tabs on the Midlothian High School web site, students may access a link of all available scholarships for the Class of 2020.

Scholarships vary on the students’ desired major, such as STEM, education, and aviation. The Bettie Weaver PTA Scholarship gives graduating seniors who attended Bettie Weaver Elementary School a reward of $1,000 for their dedication to the community service orientation of Bettie Weaver.  Other scholarships have criteria such as participating in an 8-week internship and attending a Student Leaders Summit in Washington, DC. While many scholarships advise reading the sponsor’s website, Ms. Maureen Martin advises to “read the descriptions of each scholarship, figure out which one appeals to your needs, and submit the application to the Career Center.”

Click here for a spreadsheet of all available scholarships.