Toast encapsulates Southern classics in new, yet familiar way

Restaurant Review: Toast


Photo by: Bridget Tracy

Despite its simple name, Toast, which originally opened in 2012,  represents a world of complexity in the food industry. With dozens upon dozens of options, the restaurant has brought the Midlothian community a unique take on traditional American cuisine in a new gastropub style. Located in the shopping village on the corner of the Winterfield and Robious Road, the distinctive feature quickly transformed into a classic neighborhood hotspot for both young families and large group gatherings. Its laid-back environment offers a piece of home for each individual that walks through the welcoming doors. Along with flavorful dishes, the restaurant never fails to push the boundaries pertaining to the realm of food creativity.

The innovative tavern environment took the place of Mediterraneo, an Italian grill, which satisfied the inhabitants of surrounding households for many years. Following a successful outcome at its first location on Three Chopt Road, the crowd-pleasing spot opened another location in Chesterfield to continue its friendly atmosphere in hopes of spreading the establishment’s popularity across the James River. The Toast menu takes bar food favorites and boosts their status to an elevated quality, leaving consumers highly pleased. With a wide menu selection, the restaurant presents tasty appetizers and filling main courses at affordable prices. Those with health concerns can set aside their worries, as Toast offers a wide array of gluten-free and vegetarian options. 

No matter the season, Toast’s indoor and outdoor areas allow every individual to feel at home instantly; the cozy space consists of muted colors and rustic decor to seat large amounts of people. Those who are unable to visit Toast can experience the handcrafted, delicious food into their busy schedule by utilizing Toast’s efficient delivery service, which delivers food directly to an individual’s front door. 

No matter the day, Toast is suitable for dinner, brunch, and lunch. With years of service under its belt, Toast continues to promise astonishing meals and service to customers in the Richmond area.