Choi cruises to top ten at Golf States

Midlothian golfer Ester Choi earns sixth place ranking


Photo by: Ester Choi

Midlo Junior Ester Choi grabs top 10 in the Girls Golf State Championship match.

Junior Ester Choi, a member of the Midlothian High School Golf team, has proved a competitive athlete on the team for the past three years. As the only girl on a dominant male team, Choi serves as a trailblazer for female athletes. On October 28, 2019, at Heritage Oaks Golf Club, she participated in the Girls Golf State Championship match and made an outstanding accomplishment by tying for 6th place out of the 69 other ladies participating. Along with breaking barriers on the golf team, Choi also balances this as an active member of the Champions Club, an organization that brings the special education and general education students together through various activities. 

What accomplishments have you had this past golf season?

“I shot three under at Magnolia Green Country Club and placed top five at Regionals, along with tying for sixth place at States.” 

How did you think your season went?

“It went pretty well. It was different than last year’s season because we lost about 8 people from last year’s team due to graduation.” 

What’s your proudest moment this season?

“A lot of colleges have noticed me this past season. Both UVA and JMU have been looking at me, and it’s really exciting to be recognized by them.”

What is it like being the only girl on the Midlothian Golf team?

“It’s different because I don’t have other girls to talk to during practices, but it’s still a lot of fun.”