Trojans take the coveted Coal Bowl trophy back home

2019 Coal Bowl

On Friday, October 25, 2019. the Trojans take home the Coal Bowl Trophy.

Friday, October 26, 2019, the Midlothian Trojans took on the James River Rapids in the annual Coal Bowl. The Trojans started with power, hoping to win a highly-anticipated game. In the beginning, senior Justin Kopecko scored the first touchdown of the game after blocking the punt and chasing the ball down the field. Senior Tom Son credited the captains for the intensity, commenting, “We had great teamwork, plus the captains really encouraged the teammates and played well and boosted the team up.”

Midlo then pushed on, as the Rapids failed to keep up with the Trojan offense. The Trojans ended the first half up by a score of 23-13. As the second half commenced, Midlo held their place and played tough, keeping the lead and scoring. As the clock ticked down, Midlo won with the striking score of 40-19. Head Coach Matt Hutchings shared, ” I thought our guys had confidence; we kept talking about culture and doing it for the players and teams behind us.” 

The Trojans not only won the game, but the Coal Bowl trophy title, marking Midlo’s first time winning the Coal Bowl Title or beating the James River Rapids in 7 years. Trojan players were thrilled with their new victory, taking turns holding the coveted trophy. The team celebrated on the field, cheering with fellow players and coaches, placing the Trojan flag on the Rapids field. Of the victory, Coach Hutchings, said,  “I’m excited for our team to be able to bring the trophy back. As we change the culture, that is a huge step in our direction to build our rivalry game and have momentum going into the end of the season.”