Mario Kart Tour races through the phones of Midlo students

Game Review: Mario Kart Tour


Photo by: James Galloway

Midlo Students play Mario Kart Tour, a new game, during a free moment.

On September 25, 2019, Nintendo released Mario Kart Tour for iOS and Android,  resulting in many Midlo students and kids around the world obsessing over the game. The Japanese video game company, centered in Kyoto, released the game in an attempt to keep up with the trend of mobile gaming with their third release following the success of Super Mario Run. Nintendo has created video games since 1983, and Mario Kart Tour marks the fourteenth entry in the Mario Kart Series.

With Mario Kart Tour, players can compete against other people at any time from any place. The game includes recreated courses from the more popular titles, a melodic and catchy soundtrack, as well as an in-game currency. Currently, Mario Kart Tour lacks a multiplayer mode; this troubles long-time fans of the series, but Nintendo should include it in future updates of the game.

Despite all the content the game has to offer, many critics believe that Nintendo created it solely as an attempt to regain their former spotlight. “The problem is so much of the game feels designed around monetization, as opposed to just being a fun game,” remarks Amber Neely, a writer for Apple Insider. Mixed reviews of Mario Kart Tour make the game seem bland to the public; however, Nintendo plans to release more mobile games, despite the critics’ distaste with the content.