Crafty seniors make mark on Midlo

O’Kleasky’s seniors leave hand prints for posterity

Mrs. O’Kleasky’s seniors wave farewell to high school.

As seniors make their exit, the Midlo Class of 2019 searches for ways to make their mark before leaving high school. Mrs. Marie O’Kleasky’s senior photo class continues a tradition of several years: painting their hand prints on the cinder block walls of her classroom. These hand prints are often accompanied by graduation dates, future college plans, or memorable and inspirational quotes that hold meaning to each student. This hand print activity allows seniors to reflect on their high school life, while simultaneously peering into the future, revealing their dreams and goals. The unique tradition is creative and suitable for the crafty Class of 2019 art students.

Mrs. O’Kleasky, a fan favorite of the hand print tradition, often looks to her former students’ quotes to keep herself inspired. “I love that I have a little piece of them to stay until I see them again and learn all about their new journey!” When assessing the school year, O’Kleasky expresses her overwhelming pride in her graduating students.