An Honor for the Artists of Midlo

National Art Honor Society Induction 2018

Photo by: Nabiha Rais
New NAHS members hold the society’s flag to recognize their induction into the esteemed society.

Every year, Midlothian High School’s National Art Honor Society (NAHS) recognizes the artists that roam the halls of Midlo and have made positive and dedicated contributions to the arts. On Friday, November 16, 2018, students who have used their artistic skills to paint the world outside of the classroom were inducted into the esteemed honor society. These students have painted, photographed, and created works that demonstrate their arduous efforts, making them most deserving of this recognition.

To begin the event, each NAHS officer discussed what NAHS represents: expressing and identifying oneself through art. After a brief speech from each officer, Midlothian High School alumni Marlena Ashby discussed her connection to art and how she plans to continue art after her studies at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), providing insight on the impact of the artistic world on individuals. The induction of new members commenced through a recitation of the NAHS pledge, which each new inductee delivered to officiate their membership. To make their membership more permanent, the new inductees rose one-by-one to the sound of their names and lit a candle to commemorate their acceptance into the esteemed society. The event ended with an abundance of pictures of the new members and refreshments for all families and students to enjoy. Congratulations to the new NAHS inductees of 2018!

NAHS 2018-2019 Inductees:

Kolton Almany

Lily Anderson

Chloe Arsac

Carter Burnette

Daisy Carpenter

Jordan Carrara

Dylan Coleman

Yosef Collins

Leo Crayton

Nick Daguison

Mackenzie Dwyer

Sarah Fehrmann

Nina Franklin

Libby Friedman

Grace Graviet

Zoe Hammond

Abigail Healy

Julia Hermanson

Rhianna Holdren

Amenah Holt

Grace Jackson

Emile Judson

Fariza Kareem

Callie Krumwiede

Olivia Lineweaver

Madeline Luton

Joseph Maguire

Logan Markell

Alina McMahon

Mallory Medlin

Morgan Meyers

Alex Neofotistos

Ann Pitts

Madison Poe

Kylie Redden

Nicole Rinck

Annabel Schepker

Gia Schiavone

Morgan Sensabaugh

Hannah Strickland

Helen Trout

Madelyn Venable

Brooke Wallace

Lexie Watson

Jubilee Whitmer

Madeline Wilson

Kate Woodington

Ilse Yohn