A Modern Artist with Modern Techniques

NAHS November Artist of the Month: Anna Blair

Photo by: Anna Blair
“Charlotte On A Fence” by Anna Blair

Within the classrooms of Midlothian High School, a number of artists stand out through their intricate works of art. Each artist uses their paintings or photographs to demonstrate who they are as individuals, giving a personal touch and a unique purpose to their art. Each month, Midlothian High School’s National Art Honor Society has decided to recognize the hardworking artists who add beauty the halls of Midlo. This month, the society recognizes Anna Blair, an artist who uses modern technology to illustrate her dynamic artistic vision. Blair uses her art to demonstrate her inner emotions and persona, allowing her to create pieces that truly exemplify who she is and what she stands for.

What is your message/theme or your art?

I don’t often create art with a theme; I usually create art with a purpose. For example, I’ll draw something that’s supposed to convey a certain emotion or make you feel a certain way. And just as often, I’ll create a piece of art with no reason at all to it, other than because it was fun to draw. However, if there were any sort of message or theme to my art as a whole, I would have to say its something along the lines of “Think beyond what you know”.

What is your inspiration?

Often times I find inspiration from my favorite shows, movies, or books to create characters and paintings that have my own story to go with them. This especially with my painting of aliens or other fantastical themes. But sometimes I am drawn to how we view the real world and creating drawings or paintings inspired by it.

What is your favorite part about art?

I have a lot of favorite things about art, like painting organic things, such as faces, trees, or animals. The way it feels to sculpt a piece of artwork and bring to life a creature is very satisfying and enjoyable. However, one of the things that tops the list is when I create a painting or drawing that I feel very proud of. To see a piece of my own art come together well with technique lighting and translates well to the viewer gives me an incredible sense of confidence and encourages me to continue making art.

How do you come up with new art? Do you have any special techniques you use to get out of artist’s block?

Most of my ideas for my artwork come at times when I’m entranced in thought, whether it be in the middle of class or while I’m trying to fall asleep at night. When it comes to art block, the first thing I try to do is avoid it. My best ways of doing that are thinking over a piece before jumping into, so I don’t get frustrated. When I do reach the dreaded time that is a state of art block, I find the best way to get myself out of it is to either wait it out and take a break from art for a little bit in hopes of getting motivation, or draw from reference. Even copying someone else’s drawings as a form of “learning from the master” can be helpful. Creating artwork that does not require me to think as hard about composition or whether or not it will be successful relieves stress when drawing and allows me to relax and become re-inspired.

Do you plan on continuing art in the future?

Of course! I would love to go into an art-related field, most preferably something like commercial illustration or concept art for video-games and movies.