A poem by Emily Murray

Color by Caleb Briggs

Color by Caleb Briggs

Do you know him?

That boy in the back of your class

The one who is too scared to talk to anyone,

For fear of being laughed at?

Do you know her?

That girl who hides her tears behind her smile

The one who never stops laughing,

For fear she’ll remember everything?

Did you know he’s tormented by his family?

They tell him he’s a failure every single day

He’s never the son they wanted him to be

Not smart enough, not strong enough.

Did you know her sister died last year?

It was only the two of them in the car,

But she survived, and she blames herself

“If I made her stay home, she’d still be here.”

What does he think of himself?

“I can’t do anything right.”

“I’m a terrible son.”

“I’ll never achieve anything.”

What does she think of herself?

“I’m a despicable human being.”

“How do my friends and family still love me?”

“She’s dead, and it’s all my fault.”

What does he want more than anything?

“To change who I am.”

He wishes he was a better son

then maybe his parents would be proud

All he wants is to be loved.

What does she want more than anything?

“To change what happened that day”

She wishes she’d never had that crash,

That she didn’t have to hit that tree

All she wants is her little sister back.

How are they perceived by their peers?

“He’s too quiet.”

“She laughs too much.”

But now you know what they’re going through.

Are you still judging them?