Midlo theater sings their way through The Theory of Relativity


Photo by: Kyle Reeder

Midlo Theater plans to release their play to the public in mid-May.

Lights, camera, action! Midlo’s Theater Department is back at it again as they prepare to debut another out-of-this-world stage production.  Premiering in mid-May, Midlo Theater is excited to announce their cast list for the upcoming musical, The Theory of Relativity.  The musical offers 13 roles and roughly 20 total songs.  Throughout a series of seemingly-unrelated songs and monologues, characters show off different joyful, yet heartbreaking, scenes that represent what it means to be a human.  Many of the scenes are common experiences that most have endured at one point in their lifetime.  Seniors Kat Moser and Nicole Dudley are co-directing the musical and, Moser, a first-time director, said “it’s a huge honor.” The release date, along with ways to watch the musical, are still to be determined. 

The Theory of Relativity Cast:

Anna Grilliot singing “End of the Line,” playing Jenny

Anya Ruzicka singing “Great Expectations,” playing Catherine 

Caroline Grabill singing “Relativity,” playing Julie;  singing “You Will Never Know,” playing Amy

Eden Johnson singing “Promise Me This,” playing Mira

Jake Khatcheressian singing “Pi,” playing Adam

Lara Brinkman singing “Me & Ricky,” playing Caroline

Madelyn MacEwen singing “End of the Line,” playing Sara 

Matt Babb singing “I’m Allergic to Cats,” playing Paul

Molly Jarvis singing “Manicure Monologue,” playing Amy

Morgan Mischke singing “Person A,” “The End of the Line Playoff,” “Lipstick,” and “Person A Reprise,” in ensemble

Nick Steele singing “Person A,” “The End of the Line Playoff,” and “Lipstick,” in ensemble

Nikki Rizzo singing “Julie’s Song,” playing Julie

Patrick Hurt singing “Footprint,” playing Ryan

Sky Caddell singing  “Cake Monologues,” playing Catherine