Today I Have a Dream

Azareese Ghattas, Creative Corner


Azareese Ghattas

Today I Have a Dream…

Azareese Ghattas

I have a dream that bullies will understand that what they are doing is wrong. I hope that bullies today realize that they shouldn’t bully people just because they’re bigger than others.

I have a dream that kids won’t be bullied based on their race, religion, or color. I also wish that kids can become friends instead of enemies.

I have a dream that instead of butting heads, children will hold hand-and-hand in taking down bullying.

I have a dream that kids today and of tomorrow will think before they say or do things that they’ll regret for the rest of their lives.

I have a dream that kids will understand that just because they are a little different than others it doesn’t make them weird. I hope kids will be careful of their actions before things get out of hand and some kids take their lives because of it. I also hope kids will realize that it doesn’t feel good to be on either side. I should know. I was one of those people who was bullied, and it didn’t feel good; it also doesn’t feel good to be the bully either, and I regret it every day.