November Employee of the Month

Midlo’s Library Team


Photo by: Midlo Scoop Staff

The Midlo Library Team (Ms. Dawson, Ms. Murfee, and Ms. Mazzanti) receive the November Employee of the Month Award honor.

On Monday, November 13, Assistant Principal Mr. Robert Gifford announced the November Employees of the Month. Due to their hard work, enthusiasm, and creativity, the November Employee of the Month award was bestowed upon the Midlothian High School librarian team: Ms. Dawson, Ms. Mazzanti, and Mrs. Murfee.

Midlothian’s librarians are not only responsible for putting books that students want to read on the shelves; they also encourage literacy to students in a creative and amusing way, such as scheduling after school events, promoting the Midlothian High School library, and collaborating with classroom teachers. The creation of the library’s website has made it easier than ever to use technology to access the school library. offering information about the books in the library, reading lists, as well as other after school occasions. 

The librarians value teamwork and strive to make the library a fun and inviting place for students, crediting”working as a part of a fabulous team” key to their success, according to Ms. Mazzanti. 

Being a librarian is a tough job that requires knowledge of nearly anything and everything related to books, research, and virtually all individual topics. “One of the many great aspects of working as a librarian is that I’m able to interact with students and staff. I love the fact that I can help everyone look for what they need. Students and staff both count on librarians to lend a helping hand,” according to Ms. Dawson. “We are walking, breathing computers.”

Mrs. Murfee describes her job at Midlothian High School as “a dream come true,” adding, “It’s the whole package and the best job in the world.  Being a librarian is a job that demands you to be quick and think on your feet. At the end of the day, it’s the best job in the world.”

Congratulations on this great accomplishment, Ms. Dawson, Ms. Mazzanti, and Ms. Murfee!