Losing A Dear Friend

Losing A Dear Friend

Sarah Moskovitz, Midlo Scoop Staff

July 16, a day to remember,

leaving the field,

crowding around with teammates,

I could feel a darkness overcome us.

As I looked into the dugout, I could see the field,

my dad, fell to the ground in defeat,

I didn’t know what to do; I just froze.

I went over to see what had happened, but before I could reach him, someone reached out to stop me

to tell me,

the dreadful news

Tears fell.

We lost him;

we lost our dear friend.

Again, not knowing what to do, I froze.

Sadness, anger, pain, so much pain,

overcame me.

I broke down, not caring who saw.

I ran over to my dad to see how he was doing,

I couldn’t even begin to know how he could feel,

losing his best friend.

But then I started to think,

the pain has left his body.

He wasn’t suffering anymore.

He wasn’t in and out of the hospital anymore.

He could finally rest in peace.