A Writer’s Wits

Spotlight on Marion Cline


Marion Cline finds pride in the beautiful pieces she writes.

Midlo senior Marion Cline has been writing since she can remember.  Journaling frequently became a “big thing” for her, and she continues to document her life to help her writing grow. When asked about what inspires her, she replied, “I became liberal because of Allen Ginsberg, a Beat poet; he got me crazy.” 

As president of the Writer’s Guild, Cline works with the other members to compare pieces of literature and discover what it means to each of them. The club members are extremely poetic and encourage everyone to write. During each meeting, members receive a prompt to help the inspiration flow. One of Cline’s favorite things about Writer’s Guild is coming to a place where people want to write. “It’s good to be surrounded by such a group of people,” she says with a smile.

Yellow-Flesh Peaches

Marion Cline

in a room we see

where the aridity begins,

in September with

soft spots on the ceiling: “bruises”

she said,

there is no mending, here.

look at the fruit in our care, before we go buy more.

no, she says, you need a spirit before you

purchase products of sunlight.

(she forgets the word; she says sun, sun, the light)

the wind is collecting as she

does not notice and

like the keys she takes the wind to her pocket.

the bowl on the little lost table, the center-

the stems collect our dust.