The Creature

Photo by: on Flickr captures an image of a cat's green eyes.

As farmers corralled their animals and turned out the light,

Evil descended upon the world.

It began snaking



Everyone a target for attack  


By dusk, smog slithered over the hillside,

Trees shuddered with unease.

Gourds instantly decayed.

Critters tensed with the fear of oblivion.


Beyond the horizon, Evil descended upon the world.

From the ashes, a creature began to stir.

A creature that shrieked with fury

A creature that ripped its way to victory

A creature that could melt the will to survive

A creature of Evil


The soul glided down the knoll and into its killing vicinity.

As he traveled, the sky turned to gray.

The flowers wilted into ash.

Birds silenced their love songs.

Mud hardened into stone.


On the night of the creature’s birth,

The world became prey.

No way to escape

No way to fight

No way to survive


Evil descended upon the world.