Seniors Secure Win in Rowdy Homecoming Pep Rally

Homecoming 2017

Photo by: BJ Beckwith
Seniors do the wave during the homecoming pep rally.

On Friday, October 13, 2017, waves of students poured into the Midlothian High School gym with excitement lighting up their faces, as the much-anticipated first pep rally of the 2017-2018 school year kicked off. Large seas of green (freshmen), red (sophomores), blue (juniors), and white (seniors) crowded into sections of the gym, cheering and screaming for their classes. The seniors sporting togas stormed into the gym with crowns atop their heads, celebrating their last year of school.

The energetic entrance of volleyball, cross country, golf, field hockey, and football teams enthused the crowd, drawing hoops and hollers that reverberated from the gym walls. Following the sports entrance, the homecoming princes escorted the princesses into the gym, where Principal Shawn Abel crowned BJ Beckwith Homecoming King. Joy Li was later crowned Homecoming Queen during halftime at the Homecoming football game. See full list below.

Following the prince and princesses, students participated in a football relay race to win points for their classes. The seniors four years of practice and experience landed them a 1st place win in the race, with sophomores following close behind. Next up, the students played a heated game of dodge ball, beginning with the seniors versus the sophomores and then the juniors versus the freshmen. In the end, the sophomores surprisingly annihilated the seniors and took the gold against the juniors in the finale. After the games, the classes competed in various small competitions, including the famous victory cheer, and eventually, officials announced the winner of the first pep rally of the 2017-2018 school year.

Yet again, the seniors carried on the tradition of winning 1st place in the pep rally, but not without the sophomores following very close behind in 2nd place, the juniors in 3rd, and the freshmen in 4th. Undeniably one of the craziest pep rallies of Midlothian history, the date October 13th will not be forgotten for the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors any time soon.

2017 Midlo Homecoming Court


Princesses: Joy Li (Queen), Katie Daniluk, Alyssa Black, and Skylar Swayzee

Princes: BJ Beckwith (King), Trevor Christmas, Devin McCombs, and Will Sayegh


Princesses: Alexis Harris, Markeeha Young, and Obehi Obanor

Princes: Antorious Goode, Neil Richburg, and Will Pomeroy


Princesses: Gabie Rizzo, Summer Vannostrand, and Whitley Glidewell

Princes: Jocarlo Whitehead, John Williams, and Juan Melchor


Princesses:  Abbie Campbell, Dasia Hardy, and Lisa Richburg

Princes: Shane Nalls, Zach Vanderslice, and Miles Brown