Stop and Smell the Roses

Senator Jennifer McClellan Speaks at Senior Convocation, 2017

Photo by: BJ Beckwith
Senator Jennifer McClellan speaks to the Class of 2017 at their Senior Convocation.

On September 21, 2017, in the Midlothian High School auditorium, the senior class of 2018 gathered to ponder the next chapter of their lives at Senior Convocation. The seniors had the opportunity to listen to their class officers, Kenny Harbula (President), Joy Li (Vice President), Palmer Ward (Secretary), Chase Hebert (Historian), and Finlay Raphael (Treasurer), their class sponsors, Mr. Chris Eliot and Mrs. Carolyn Manheim, their principal, Mr. Shawn Abel, and a special guest speaker, Senator Jennifer McClellan.

Senator McClellan talked to the class about following their path and always doing their best, no matter where they end up. She gave them useful advice, telling them to try new things and learn from mistakes. The senator said, “Don’t be afraid to fail,” which all seniors should take into account when moving on from high school. Senator McClellan inspired the students to finish their year strong and to enjoy all that life has to offer.  The influential speaker also shared that “Some of the greatest successes were also failures.”

“Stop and smell the roses.” – Senator Jennifer McClellan

After the assembly, the seniors headed to the Closed Commons and Senior Courtyard for a special reception. There, they received their senior packets, took pictures, and ate breakfast, provided by the PTSO.  After the reception, the seniors made their way back to class, reminiscing on how it felt like just yesterday that they stepped on the school bus for the first time, waving goodbye to their parents, ready to take on the next chapter in their lives.