Dance It Off

Winter Pep Rally

Photo by: Alexa Battle
The senior dance team get themselves pumped before performing at the pep rally.

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Emily Junkmann and Sydney Van Horn

On Friday, January 15, 2017, the four grade levels went head to head in the winter pep rally like never before. The freshmen showed their spirit in pink, the sophomores in black, the juniors in white, and the seniors in raging red. The highlights of the pep rally consisted of: dodge ball, the class dance-off, the victory cheer, and the mascot dance-off. The seniors stormed into the gym on a mission to make the winter pep rally their greatest. The winter sports teams came out one-by-one to the cheers, applause, and heartfelt screams of their classmates. Junior Rachel Sabine said, ¨It was great being able to walk out with my team, and the crowd really got me excited for the pep rally.¨

First, the juniors and freshman took the court to compete for their place in the championship dodgeball game. The juniors inevitably defeated the freshman by a landslide, thanks to Principal Abel joining the juniors on the floor. Next up, the sophomores took on the seniors for the final spot against the junior class. In an effort to knock out the seniors, the sophomores put up a fierce fight for a chance to beat the juniors. Ultimately, the seniors came out of the game victorious with the help of Mr. Delans. In the final dodgeball competition,  the juniors and seniors took to the court, both hoping to pull out a win for their respective classes. The game came down to a battle between seniors Gabby Runge and Grayson West and junior Eric Picucci. Eric fiercely stood his ground as the only remaining junior in the game by knocking out two seniors, nearly leveling the playing ground. Unfortunately, in his effort to defeat the senior class, the time ran out on the scoreboard, leaving the seniors to relish in their victory.

Next up: the dance off. The Chick-fil-A cow and the Midlothian Trojan took the dance floor first. Due to his smooth moves and bright personality, the Chick-fil-A cow won the hearts of all in attendance and left the pep rally with a win. Then, the freshman dance team came out with their rendition of High School Musical’s iconic dance, “We’re All in this Together”. Subsequently, the sophomores emerged in all black with their step dance choreography. The juniors then exploded onto the gym floor and quickly became the crowd favorite. Alexa Battle shined the brightest while front and center of the junior dance, saying, “My favorite part was when we did the tutting, which is the fast hand movements.¨ Last, but not least, the seniors came out with a performance led by Claire Finfgeld and the senior Trojanettes. Claire wowed the audience with her solid dance capabilities and bubbly demeanor. All in all, the classes each put up a wonderful performance; however, the juniors and sophomores won over the judges in the end and tied for first place.

The pep rally finished up with Midlo’s iconic victory cheer, led by the Varsity cheerleaders. The girls went around to each class asking “What’s their cry?” and each class replied, “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!” The sophomore class dominated, having the loudest section of the gym. In conclusion, the senior class triumphed in the winter pep rally, and senior class president, Frankie Urcia, carried out the spirit stick beaming with pride. ¨The winter pep rally was great, and I’m hoping that we get to have another one in the spring,¨ said Urcia. Overall, the pep rally went smoothly and was a major success; all the students enjoyed the experience.