Seniors reign victorious at the Homecoming pep rally

2022 Homecoming Pep Rally

Photo by: Midlo 2024
The class of 2024 cheers on their participants.

The Homecoming pep rally kicked off at 2 p.m. on Sept. 23, 2022. Seniors dress in the traditional white togas, while juniors are decked out in black, sophomores in yellow, and freshmen in blue. The pep rally introduced several new games designed to bring out the competitive spirit in each of the four classes. This years pep rally remained indoors for the first time since 2020.

Student competition began as both the senior and sophomore classes met on the court for tug of war. Seniors swiftly defeated the sophomore class, sending the seniors to the winning round. Next, the juniors and the freshman came out to face each other. The freshmen were against the odds due to size, and were defeated by the juniors. In the final round, both juniors and seniors pulled hard to claim victory for their class. After a mighty struggle, the seniors claimed the victory and won the tug of war.

“It looked close and was super intense for a second, but I’m glad the seniors won the tug of war,” Ethan Richio, 12, said.

The judges also announced the spirit contest and dollar contest during the transition to the next game, in which the seniors both earned the first place victory.

The next event consisted of each team working together to build a bridge using themselves, as one participant stayed on top of them with a yoga mat. The teams had to race to the other side of the gym, rebuilding the bridge by simply going from the back of it to the front. The juniors had no problem pummeling the competition in this contest.

“It was great to see my class excel in an event,” Jacob Copp, 11, said.

Following the event, The homecoming court nominated males were announced to the crowd. As they lined up across the gym floor, each recipient received their own applause, before this year’s Homecoming King was announced as Benjamin Gozzi, 12.

Students came out in angst as the final event unfolded, dodge ball. The sophomores initially dominated in the first round, but were stomped out towards the end for the senior win. The juniors and freshman were next, with the victory going to the juniors. After a heavy fight in the final round between the seniors and juniors. The seniors emerged victorious, grabbing the pep rally points for dodge ball.

The victory chant would determine the final winner, since classes knew this, they chanted especially loud in order to secure the win. Controversy surrounds the decision of informing the freshman students of the victory chant, as they said it flawlessly at the Pep rally. In previous years, freshman classes were not aware of the chant, and many were upset about the change.

“We had no idea about the victory chant last year, so why do the freshmen this year get a lesson?” Joe Galloway, 10, said.

“A lot of the sophomores were mad when the freshman new the chant immediately, someone taught them and it makes our freshman year look bad,” Brandon Hanson, 10, said.

As the judges made their decisions it was clear the seniors won the chant, and they were awarded the essential point.

After all the heart-racing events, and the judges tallying up the pep rally points, the seniors would win the 2022 Homecoming pep rally. The class of 2023 celebrated as they secured the pep rally win for the second time in a row. The seniors stormed the basketball court and made their victory laps with the spirit stick in hand.