Make way for Midlo, school is back in session

First Day of School 2022


Photo by: Kyle Reeder

Students scatter to find their buses amidst the first day of school chaos.

After long and hot Virginia summer, students packed their backpacks, said goodbye to sleeping in and got back into the classroom for the first day of school on Tuesday, August 23.

Seniors however, took an early start to their last first day of school at 6:00 in the morning.  Many decided to enjoy their morning alongside their classmates with a cup of coffee on the football field to celebrate the annual Senior Sunrise.  

Then, as the 8:00 bell neared, students began to fill the school.  Midlo’s marching band line the entrance of the bus loop alongside the dance team and cheerleaders. Shiny pom-poms, welcomed the students as they entered Tuesday morning.

The hallways, after sitting quiet and vacant the whole summer, were quickly filled with laughter and conversations.  Many students reunited with old friends through hugs, high-fives, and smiles. 

Sophomore Kyrie Jeffers said his first day of school “wasn’t too bad,” said Jeffers.  “The teachers were really nice.”

“Practical law was my favorite class,” junior Chris Caliguiri said.  “School was pretty chill. I just hope to pass the SAT this year.”

Sophomore Elise Graves said her first day went “pretty good,” and that her goals for the year are to “get good grades, pass my classes, and not freak out about homework.”

Freshmen, however, along with all new students and transfer students, had their first day of school the previous day on Monday, August 22.  They navigated through their even and odd-day classes to familiarize themselves with their new teachers and classmates.  They were also given helpful directions and information from their sidekicks, a group of upperclassmen volunteering their time to ensure the success of the incoming freshmen class.

Freshman Torri Weitkemper shared how her day “has been easy and good” but also states that the school was “crowded, and difficult to navigate”.

Likewise, freshman Aaron Wilkons shares that “my first day of school was pretty chill, except I didn’t like the one-way hallways,” he said.I also think it’s a little overcrowded.”

Freshman Liliana Cruciata thought that her first day of school was “honestly a little boring,” she said, but is excited for the school year and hopes to “get good grades” this year. 

Many seniors however are excited and determined to finish school strong.  While some have taken to senioritis, others have their eyes set on graduation and college.  Seniors Ben Moor and Henry Patterson both have their sights set on graduating high school and moving right onto college.  “I’m ready to start my college application,” said Moor.  “I’m excited to move onto college and start the next chapter of my life.” Patterson said.

Just seven short hours after the morning bell rang, students were dismissed in a frenzy into the bus loop, parent drop-off, and the student parking lot.  Midlo students left with smiles gave waves from the school buses and headed home, ultimately making the first day of school a complete success, preparing them for the rest of a great school year.