Junior Lucas Cosby places state records at USPA event


Photo by: Submitted by Lucas Cosby

Lucas Cosby demonstrates his strength and abilities

With junior Lucas Cosby’s hard work and tough mentality, it’s no surprise that he broke four State records at his first powerlifting event. Being a third-year International Baccalaureate student at Midlo, Cosby has spent his time volunteering in the community, running for the cross country team, and focusing on his academics. However, two years ago, at the start of COVID-19, Cosby began a new fitness journey.

During his own time, Cosby decided to get into the physical shape necessary to succeed as a powerlifter. Following a training regimen with a focus on aesthetics and supplemented with running, Cosby eventually became interested in the sport of powerlifting.

This past weekend, Cosby broke four State records at his very first United States Powerlifting event at the Virginia Beach Classic. He took part in two events: Single Ply Full Power and Single Ply Raw Bench. Cosby pulled 440 pounds on. With a weight class of 75 kg (165 pounds), Cosby continues to defy the odds of powerlifting.

Midlo is proud of all of Cosby’s accomplishments thus far and will continue to support him in his endeavors.