Pumpin’ Up the Pep

Homecoming Pep Rally 2016

Seniors celebrate their victory at the homecoming pep rally!

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On October 7, 2016, students gathered in the football stands for the first outdoor pep rally of the year. A strange sort of calm settled over the students, as they mentally prepared to go absolutely bananas. After raiding every single family member’s closet and making whomever owns Party City a very wealthy man, the students showed up to school in some of the best pep rally attire seen in years. Freshmen popped in pretty pink, and sophomores rocked their riveting red attire. All the underclassmen were determined not to go down without a fight this time. They planned to do whatever possible to prove themselves worthy of the title of most spirited class. The only thing on the students’ minds was one thing and one thing only: the spirit stick. 

The groovy-in-green juniors’ confidence entering the stands proved short-lived when they witnessed the seniors storm the track in their bright white togas and shiny gold crowns. Midlo’s fantastic cheerleaders performed, and all the students felt their spirit increase. Then, the Trojanettes danced along with some of the football players in an entertaining and comical dance routine. Students screamed and cheered, as they watched the football players groove and boogie to the beat of the music.

After the Trojanettes’ performance, members of the Homecoming Court had their time to shine. The Freshman Homecoming princes, Hunter Neff, Brandon Brown, and Joey Chung, escorted the Freshman Homecoming princesses, Mya Manson, Emily Morrison, and Katie Siegel. Sophomore Homecoming princes, Will Pomeroy, Matthew Kotait, and Neil Richburg escorted Sophomore Homecoming princesses, Morgan Williamson, Hannah Ayoub, and Cheyenne Cannon Martin. Junior Homecoming princes, Kyle Daniluk, BJ Beckwith, and Jaron Walker, escorted Junior Homecoming princesses, Katie Daniluk, Alexis Archer, and Katie Call. Senior Homecoming princes, Elijah Coleman, Charles Miller, Sam Maguire, and Eric Overby escorted the Senior Homecoming princesses, Lana Figg, Mishaal Gilani, Kyelin Thrift, and Bryana Jean-Louis. Students from all grades cheered for their classes’ princesses and princes. After the entire court was announced, Principal Shawn Abel crowned Elijah Coleman as Midlothian’s 2016 Homecoming King.

When the pep rally games began, the students yelled and bellowed, ready to cheer on their classmates to victory. Midlo students love the pep rally games played between grade levels, and on Homecoming, the favorite is the tug of war. Freshman Maddie Sheldon competed in her first game on Friday’s pep rally. Sheldon said she was “super nervous,” and that she “hoped she performed well for her freshmen class.” No one could compete with the juniors’ agility, technique, and strength as they took the win in all of the games. The seniors won in spirit, dress, and many more competitions.

In the end, the seniors reigned victorious, winning the pep rally! Senior Class President Sam Maguire excitedly jumped around and ran off with the spirit stick when the victory was announced. The senior class joined their president in the celebration of their victory. Seniors might have won this pep rally, but they better watch out when the next one rolls around because the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen all want to show their spirit. Happy Homecoming, Midlo!