Midlo soaks up the sun at the first ever Beach Bash celebration

School-Wide Picnic 2021

Photo by: Lauren Cassano
Seniors enjoy the sunny weather out at the Beach Bash lunch.

Despite the chilly weather on Thursday September 2, 2021, students arrived to school dressed head-to-toe in tropical attire, ready for an eventful day ahead. Since the pandemic, it has been close to impossible for school-wide events to take place.  However, now that students are back in the building and limitations on gatherings have been lifted, the PTSO decided to host grade level picnics.

With an extended lunch block, students were given the opportunity to eat outside among their entire class. Here, groups spread out their towels and spent a relaxing forty minutes under the sun. During the event, students participated in raffles for the chance to receive a gifts card as the DJ played trendy music, which set the tone for the remainder of the day.

“It was great being able to sit with all of my friends, and it was very open and free. It was really relaxing.  My friends and I played some games, and we all made our own picnic, and we all brought our own dishes of food and snacks,”   junior Nahid Al-Ashari said.

“It felt nice outside, but it was a little hard to find people, but it was also great catching up with my friends.  The music was great, and I’m glad the grass was dry,” junior Celia Adams said. 

Students spent their allotted free-time catching up with friends, eating snacks, listening to music and passing around over-size inflated beach balls.  Acting as the first school-wide event since 2020, students look forward to a fun year filled with many more memorable moments to come.