Class of 2021 celebrates at Prom-enade

Midlo Senior Prom 2021

Photo by: Lauren Cassano
Midlo seniors spend the night with friends at Promenade 2021.

The senior year of high school represents a period of closure for many students as they cheer at pep rallies, celebrate sports victories and attend dances for the final time. However, such memorable moments fell short for the Class of 2021, as COVID-19 forced a number of highly anticipated events to readjust in order to compensate for safety protocols set in place by the Governor. In an effort to provide the senior class with a chance to dress up in their formal best and spend the night with classmates, Junior Class co-sponsors Ms. Nicole Johnson and Ms. Catherine Canty diligently worked alongside their peers to host “Prom-enade” on Saturday, May 1, 2021.

After dedicated faculty, students and parents of the Midlo community came together for hours of preparation, the reimagined event officially welcomed groups of seniors. All parties were asked to sign up for a designated slot ahead of time to meet capacity limitations. Upon arrival, students checked in with their tour guide, who would lead them through the travel-themed event. Prior to embarking on their journey, a lavish blue carpet greeted students. Setting the tone for the remainder of the evening, Dr. Denise Bowes announced each individual’s name as they made their way down the carpeted hall, with photographers snapping pictures on either side of the velvet ropes. 

The entire cross-country trek consisted of five different “stations,” each designed to replicate the most sought-after destinations. The first stop on the list was none other than the Big Apple, featuring Central Park and Little Italy. From there, the pending graduates traveled to Las Vegas, Hollywood, the French Quarter of New Orleans and Malibu. Along the way, each area offered students the opportunity to pose with friends in front of various scenes and to grab corresponding themed items, including snacks and flowers, to put in their “suitcase.” After completing their travels, students were enthusiastically greeted by Director of Student Activities Ms. Shea Collins who headed the Midlo Spirit Booth. This part of the tour incorporated school paraphernalia for each of the students to take with them, serving as sentimental keepsakes for the departing class. 

Staying true to the integrity of a traditional Prom, a glow-in-the-dark dance floor provided students with the chance to let loose with their classmates one last time. Music filled the air as a DJ played popular tunes, eliciting a sense of nostalgia as students reflected on past homecomings held in the same room. Post dance break, students filed into the auditorium where their future awaited. The school where each senior plans to attend next year was projected on a screen alongside their name, representing the end of the event as students prepare to take flight on the next chapter of their lives.

The wholesome evening will undoubtedly live on in the minds of the Class of 2021 as, for many, it signaled one of the last chances they will have to walk the halls of Midlo. “Lots of effort went into the event and it really showed. I loved all of the photo-ops and getting to take pictures with my friends! After a rough year, it was nice to have some sense of normalcy for my senior year,” Eden Johnson said.