IBSC revamps YouTube channel with student-made vlogs

International Baccalaureate Student Council YouTube


Photo by: Midlo IBSC

The IBSC allows students to share their lives through monthly vlogs.

When International Baccalaureate Student Council President Olivia Nealon began her campaign for the 2020-2021 school year, one of the main things she wished to accomplish was making vlogs for the IBSC YouTube channel. When Nealon won the election, she immediately started plans for the videos and published the first vlog on October 2, 2020.

Nealon wanted to make these vlogs as a way to connect the students in the IB program. Nealon and the rest of the IB Student Council invited all students from Midlo’s IB program to record themselves doing everyday activities or anything else that they found interesting. After students submit their videos, either Nealon or IBSC Vice President Sreeman Venigalla edit the clips into a short video, which they then upload to the IBSC YouTube channel. Before Nealon became President of the IBSC, the YouTube channel mainly consisted of IB teachers introducing themselves and the classes they teach, so the current content has brought a new flavor to the table.

In the future, Nealon hopes to continue to connect IB students through social media. While the vlogs allowed students to see what their peers were doing while at home, Nealon still looks for new ways to connect the IB community. One prospective idea would see IB students having more control over the IBSC Instagram account. “The IBSC is looking to possibly do student takeovers on our Instagram story,” Nealon said. While the IBSC is looking to expand to more platforms, their YouTube channel will continue to remain active.

To watch more of the IBSC’s videos, visit their YouTube channel: