Midlo staff faces off in the holiday door decorating extravaganza

2019 Holiday Door Decorating Contest

Photo by: Lauren Cassano
2019 Midlo Holiday Door Decorating Contest: Mrs. Randriansolo & Mrs. Harbula, Special Education Department

As the holiday season approaches, the Midlothian High School Counseling Department kicks off the annual Staff Door Decorating Competition. All teachers and staff were encouraged to take part in the festive opportunity to show off their creative talents. With the theme of favorite children’s holiday movies, TV shows, and books in mind, creatively decorated doors throughout the entire school began to fill the hallways with joy. From colored lights to glitter paper, the once-plain doors took on a new life. On Thursday, December 17, 2019, a panel of judges will assess each of the participating doors, announcing winners at the Faculty Holiday Luncheon on Thursday, December 19, 2019.

Holiday Door Decorating Contestants:

Mrs. Fischer – English Department

Dr. Starkweather & Mrs. Brown – English Department

Mrs. Mazzola – World Language Department

Ms. Heath, Ms. Rhodes, & Mr. Davis – Science Department

Mrs. Harbula & Mrs. Randrianasolo – Special Education Department

Mrs. Tully – English Department

Mrs. Moncada & Ms. Wyatt  – World Language Department

Mrs. Petersen – World Language Department

Ms. Jimenez & Dr. Szwabowski – World Language Department

Mrs. Smith & Dr. Szwabowski – World Language Department

Ms. Schaich & Ms. Harlan – Clinic Department

Mrs. Dinsmore – Social Studies Department

Mr. Johnson – Social Studies Department

Mrs. Williams – Math Department

Mr. Nalls – World Language Department

Mrs. Kumar – Math Department

Mr. Latham & Mrs. Van Arsdale – Business Department

Mr. Parrot & Ms. Johnson – Math Department

Mr. Latham & Ms. Ehlen – Math Department

Mr. Plummer – World Language Department

Mr. Hayward – Business Department