IB seniors reminisce on the memories

IB seniors of 2019 share favorite IB moments


Photo by: Nabiha Rais

IB seniors of 2019 showcase their happiness after completing the IB Program (not pictured: Nabiha Rais).

As the summer season beams on us soon, this also means that the 2018-2019 school year is drawing to an end. While the underclassmen prepare to take on the next grade level, the seniors ready themselves to embark on the next chapter of their lives after graduation. All of the seniors at Midlothian High School are ready for a new adventure in their lives after years of arduous efforts and challenges, as seen by the International Baccalaureate (IB) Class of 2019. As the IB seniors finish their last exams and wrap up course work to send to the IB Organization (IBO), they also prepare to say goodbye to the IB Program and the touches of Midlo that make it even more special. On Thursday, May 23, 2019, the IB seniors from the Class of 2019 reminisced on the memories made during their time in the program and reflected on their all-time favorite moments from the past two years in IB.

Noelle Baptiste: “I enjoyed learning about the people in my class and the way their personalities worked and clashed. Even if we were fighting, we talked it out, and it was nice to see how we still managed to come together as a group.”

Elizabeth Bolstad: “My favorite part of IB [was] my friends! They supported me greatly during my time in the program, and I am forever thankful for them!”

Halleigh Carson: “In IB, I liked how we created lifelong friendships. Now, it has become a family like no other.”

Raven Coe: “I loved the classes, especially my IB Psychology class with Mr. Kirkbride!”

Chandler Dodge: “I loved the bonding events, such as the field trip to Staunton, Virginia. I created so many memories with everyone, and it helped make us closer as a group.”

Czar Gentius-Harris: “I would say that my favorite part of IB was making great memories with lifelong friends. It was a time to remember!”

Ainslee Grizzle: “I really liked how I expanded my knowledge in a way that is only offered to the students in IB!”

Emma Gudino: “I loved the unique learning environment and teaching methods that were offered to me!”

Kirsten Hebb: “I loved learning about and seeing the different cultures of IB! Hearing their traditions and experiencing their lifestyles was always something that I had not seen before.”

Lauren Hensley: “My favorite part of IB were the teachers, such as Mrs. Trost and Mrs. Manheim! They were really important in my IB journey!”

Abby Hinz: “I enjoyed getting to know everyone and building our own little community! It helped bring support to both my education and myself in general.”

Jason Hwang: “My favorite part of IB was that I formed close friendships and was able to bond with them for 2 years; it was really nice to relate to them on another level!”

David Maddirala: “I really liked that I could get to know everyone here. Back in freshman and sophomore year, I had friends, but it went as far as acquaintances. In IB, it was different in the sense that we formed an unbreakable bond, and I liked that.”

Britney Price: “I really like how prepared I am for college, and I have knowledge that other students were not lucky enough to have.”

Nabiha Rais: “I truly loved the relationships I created with both my classmates and education in general! With my classmates, I liked how we became close enough to earn the title of a family. With my education, I enjoyed the way I was taught and how flexible and supportive the curriculum and teachers were with our class. It was an unforgettable time with the honorable IB Class of 2019!”

Resshma Rajendran: “In junior year, I loved the food parties and special privileges we had! As for senior year, I liked how we all became so much closer.”

Mariah Rodriguez: “The events were the highlight of my time in IB, specifically the International Festival!”

Zane Ruzicka: “I loved the camaraderie of it all, the educational experience, and getting through everything together, especially as the IB President.”

Markeeha Young: “I liked the activities we did in class, such as dissecting poetry with Mr. Spewak.”