CCPS Highlights Teachers Who Impact Students

Rachel Rivera Names Mrs. Beth Morris as Her Most Influential Teacher


Photo by: Anna Chen

Rachel Rivera chose Mrs. Beth Morris as the teacher who made a lasting impact on her life.


In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, CCPS traveled around to different schools documenting the moment students surprised their favorite teachers, explaining how their influence touched their lives. When asked to choose a teacher who created a lasting impact on her life, Midlothian High School senior Rachel Rivera chose Midlo English teacher, Mrs. Beth Morris.

How did you hear about this opportunity to surprise your favorite teacher?

I was called to the front office, and Mrs. Roberts asked if I could think about a teacher who has really made an impact on me, and if I was willing to be on camera and surprise them.

Why is Mrs. Morris the most influential teacher to you?

Mrs. Morris helped me during the hardest year of my life. She was one of the few teachers who has shown genuine care and love for her students. She’s patient, yet pushes her students to do the best. She doesn’t show favoritism to anybody and puts everyone on same level with the same expectations. 

What is most important lesson Mrs. Morris has taught you?

She taught me to be able to change my mindset from being my worst critic to being my best motivator.  I have a really bad habit of tearing myself apart in a bad way, and Mrs. Morris taught me to channel that into being critical about my work instead of myself and to be appreciative about doing things well.