Midlothian IB Goes to Prague

2019 Spring Break CAS Trip

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New experiences, new faces, new opportunities, and the support of our IB family! That is what made the trip to Prague one of the most memorable and enjoyable field trips ever. For some, it was their first time flying the friendly skies, and for others, it was the first time their passport was stamped. Navigating through Dulles and Heathrow airports proved to be both interesting and enlightening. Who knew that an entire mall would be available to us during our layover in Heathrow?! Rest assured both students and chaperones took advantage of the shops, culinary options, and engaged in retail therapy. We had a wonderful time participating in activities that stimulated our minds, quenched our thirst for the arts, and educated us on the the global impact of various historical events.

15 students and 4 chaperones actively participated in activities that support the CAS acronym of Creativity, Action and Service. While CAS is a major part of the IB programme, understanding and exploring the IB learner profile traits is as equally important, and students were able to do that in the capital of the Czech Republic.


Many of our travelers are patrons of the arts. Whether a pencil, paintbrush, or instrument is in their hand, they are in tune with exploring their artistic side. In order to speak to those various interests, we spent time learning about the history of graffiti or street art, and then ultimately had an opportunity to create our own works of “Street art!” To satisfy our musically inclined students, we were able to attend a concert in St. Nicholas Church that featured a famous organist and soprano. Our ears were delighted to hear the works of Bach, Handel, and Mozart, to name a few, and our Thespians were able to enjoy Andrew Lloyd Webber’s, Phantom of the Opera in Czech at the Goja Music Hall. Talk about a variety of artistic experiences….Prague had something for everyone!


Promoting a healthy lifestyle was a major theme during our time in Prague. On average, we clocked over 10,000 steps as we walked through the city, taking in the sites which included churches, castles, and bridges. Our bodies and minds were refueled with a yoga session, where we engaged in deep stretching, breathing, and, for some, a brief nap. Yes, at the end of the yoga session, some students had relaxed so much that they dozed off. Our culinary palettes were treated to Indian, Italian, and Czech cuisine, and we found time to enjoy some of the best gelato Prague had to offer. The food did not disappoint.


The cooking challenge was our opportunity to cook a meal for those in need and then serve that meal. Students donned aprons and got to “Cooking it up!” Our “IB Chefs” had to slice, dice, chop, saute, and season their pots in order to produce minestrone soup. It was a great team-building activity, as 5 teams of 3 worked together deciphering the recipe and taking tips from chaperones as they prepared their soups. In the end, the soup was transferred to a large transportable container and served to those in need at a nearby shelter.

Exploring the world, being open to trying new things, and being of service are all concepts we champion in the International Baccalaureate Program at Midlothian High School. We seek to help our students learn about themselves, the world we live in, and how they are able to incorporate creativity, action, and service into their daily lives. With the help of parents, teachers, faculty members, and our awesome IB Parent Council, this trip has been one for the record books! The trip to Prague truly had something for everyone.