Midlo Track Takes On Triple Whammy

Indoor Track 2019

Photo by: Lisa McArthur
Caroline Bowe competes in the 500 meter run at the Pat Covas Invitational.

The Midlo Track team has a reputation of competing often, but the week of January 19-26, 2019 brought competition to the next level. The team participated and excelled in the St. Christopher’s Mini-Meet (1-19-19), Pat Covas Invitational (1-21-19), and Midlo Polar Bear Meet (1-23-19). Up for a challenge, many athletes ran, jumped, or threw in two or three meets, which shows their commitment to their school and team.

On January 19, 2019, Midlo’s Boys and Girls Track team competed in the St. Christopher’s Mini-Meet at St. Christopher’s School in Richmond, Virginia. This meet, used as a preparation for the upcoming St. Christopher’s Meet, posed as a challenge for all individuals who competed. On the girls’ side, top performers included: Dasia Hardy (1st, 55 meter dash), Christina Mulroy (5th, 300 meter dash), Caroline Bowe (2nd, 500 meter dash and 2nd, 1000 meter run), Chloe Martin (6th, 1600 meter run), Katherine Krievs (2nd, 3200 meter run), Erin Babashak (2nd, 55 meter hurdles, 2nd, High Jump, and 1st, Triple Jump), Taylor Wiggins (2nd, Shot Put), and Midlo’s Girls Relay teams (2nd, 4×800, 2nd, 4×200, and 2nd, 4×400). For the boys, top athletes included: Immanuelle Pierce (11th, 55 meter dash and 6th, 300 meter dash), Ben McCormack (10th, 500 meter dash), Ian Gray (4th, 1000 meter run), Will Gardner (3rd, 1600 meter run), Brian Tavenner (1st, 3200 meter run), John Jennings (4th, 55 meter hurdles), Zach Moreau (3rd, High Jump), Lundon Anderson (1st, Long Jump, and 1st, Triple Jump), Jake Kern (5th, Shot Put), and Midlo’s Boys Relay Team (1st, 4×800). To top off these stellar performances, both the Midlo Boys and Girls teams finished in 2nd place in the team competition.

On January 21, 2019, Midlo’s Indoor Track team traveled to the Boo Williams Sportsplex in Hampton, Virginia, to compete in the Pat Covas Invitational. Coaches Dan Ward, Stan Morgan, and Matt Hutchings trained their team well, and many Midlo athletes placed or set new meet records. Winning the team competition, the Midlo girls had a strong showing, including: Erin Babashak (3rd, High Jump, 4th, Long Jump, and 3rd, Triple Jump), Addie Zschaber (12th, Shot Put), Madelyn Venable (4th, 55 meter hurdles), Annabel Schepker (1st, 1600 meter run + meet record), Nicole Quiram (1st, 3200 meter run + meet record), Caroline Bowe (1st, 500 meter dash and 4th, 300 meter dash), Chloe Martin (2nd, 1000 meter run), and Midlo’s Girls Relay teams (2nd, 4×800, and 1st, 4×200). On the boys’ side, Midlo stars included: Zach Moreau (13th, Long Jump and 2nd, Triple Jump), Ian Gray (2nd, 1600 meter run), Thomas Gray (7th, 1000 meter run), Immanuelle Pierce (23rd, 300 meter dash), Will Gardner (3rd, 3200 meter run), and Midlo’s Relay team (4th, 4×800). Collectively, the Midlo Boys placed 8th overall in the team competition.

On January 23, 2019, Midlo athletes competed in their third meet of the week at Midlothian High School in the Midlo Polar Bear Meet. Polar Bear races are one-of-a-kind because athletes race and compete on an outside track under freezing temperatures. The Midlo Girls raced with high speed against the frigid air at the Polar Bear Meet, and top athletes included: Erin Babashak (1st, High Jump, 6th, 300 meter dash, and 2nd, 55 meter hurdles), Taylor Wiggins (2nd, Shot Put), Ally Marmo (3rd, 1600 meter run), Lisa Richburg (9th, 55 meter dash), and Millie Weinhold (1st, 1000 meter run). Additionally, the Midlo Boys defended their turf, and top competitors included: Zach Moreau (12th, High Jump), Brayden Staib (2nd, Shot Put), Will Gardner (3rd, 1600 meter run), John Jennings (2nd, 55 meter hurdles), Michael Wallace (14th, 55 meter dash and 7th, 300 meter dash), and Ben McCormack (7th, 1000 meter run). Thrower Cara Hahn recalls the Polar Bear Meet’s results as “exciting” because “the team did well, and [we] are very excited to be close to qualifying for Regionals and going to the showcase meet.”

Despite the exhausting week of competition, Midlo track stars geared up for the St. Christopher’s Invitational, which took place on Friday, January 25 and Saturday, January 26.