One Swing at a Time

Midlo Softball

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On Wednesday, April 6th, the field was cut to perfection, the chalk was repaved on the infield, and the Midlothian softball team took the diamond against Caroline High School. With weeks of difficult practices, the victory-starved team looked for their first win of the season. Even with a home field advantage, the girls knew it would be a difficult feat; however, after last year’s loss by 1, they knew they had a definite chance to crush their Caroline opponents. Anna Walsh responded about entering the game, “We had a good chance at winning, after last year’s appearance, I knew we have a good chance at taking them down.”

Talented pitchers for the game included: the highly skilled starter Abby White and Morgan Gilbert, who closed the game, which included a variety of strike outs by the pitching lineup. Over the nine innings, the outfield played extremely well as balls were caught, grounded, and thrown into the infield for outs. Outfield players included: Lauren Burns, Lara Ann Douglas, and Emily Aurelius.

While the outfield and pitchers played a major part in the overall scheme of the game, the outstanding performance of the team’s batting lineup determined the outcome of the game. Powerful contributions consisted of a multitude of hits and RBIs by various players including, Ally Smith, Mackenzie Fuller, Kylie Riekel, and Morgan Gilbert.

The final score of the game ended in an 8-4 victory for Midlothian. In the wake of victory, Lara Ann Douglas observed, “We knew we had worked hard all week and really wanted the win; overall, I am very proud of what the team accomplished.” As the season moves on with a plethora of games to play, the softball team looks to achieve more and more victories with each opponent through hard work and perseverence.